The ultimate System Network

Comprehensive (RFID) solutions for the product tracking of metal parts

Our philosophy is to realise comprehensive technological solutions made from hardware and software components for our customers.

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology forms the key aspect. MCID (matrix code identification) and BCID (barcode identification) are also used.

Depending on the customer requirements, our system solutions create a wide range of optimisation and control potentials: from process monitoring during product creation, to identification during the lifecycle of a product. Through the implementation of intelligent, copy-proof and clear IDs, it is possible to identify and record down to the parts level in a process-accurate manner, both during and following the manufacturing process, from simple process tracking to demanding products made from metal.

This means that it is possible to monitor and control the logistical process in addition to the manufacturing status of each component following casting. It is also possible to protect the products from illegal copies using clear and tamper-proof IDs, or to completely document and update all the product creation data by selecting the appropriate memory.


Transparency on the component

Product tracking and control using RFID is not just the most reliable and quickest way of preserving transparency in real time; it also opens up options far beyond manufacturing, such as safeguarding the authenticity of the component and reading or expanding information at any time. Read more …


Transparency of services and work

Flexible scanners and extensions within our evaluation software enable all kinds of service recording without costly infrastructure. Here, in addition to work services, treatments accumulated during manufacture and mobility during maintenance take centre stage. Read more …